Stop targeted attacks with Airlock Execution
and Allowlisting (formerly Application Whitelisting)

Airlock Digital is a trusted provider of application whitelisting software recognised by ASD as the most effective strategy vs targeted cyber intrusions.

Airlock enables you to easily create and manage secure whitelists in dynamically changing computing environments.

Easily create and manage secure whitelists in dynamically changing computing environments.

Unlike signature based file blocking (black listing) such as antivirus, Airlock only allows files it has been instructed to trust, to run. If the file is not in the whitelist it cannot run, regardless if a file is known good, bad or indifferent. This proactively prevents malicious code from running on your system, before any damage occurs.

Simple Deployment, Operation and Maintenance

Until now, Application Whitelisting has been difficult to deploy and maintain within an organisation. Airlock has been developed from the ground up by security professionals to solve real world problems with Application Whitelisting.


Realtime Reporting, Detection and Response

Airlock provides centralised visibility over all files within in an organisation. Discover when a file was first seen in your environment, where it came from and how it was executed. Airlock also tracks all network communication generated by files; search for a domain or IP address and find the file that made the call.



Traditional security offerings typically rely on large endpoint agents and the delivery of bulky virus definitions to function. Often these definitions can be upwards of two hundred megabytes in size for each endpoint. Airlock’s Application Whitelisting solution utilises a lean seven megabyte agent, with small policy sizes and next to zero impact on endpoint resources.

Prevent Ransomware and Targeted Cyber Intrusions

Modern attacks involve the modification of files, or the creation of unique malware to avoid detection by traditional security software. “99% of malware hashes are seen for only 58 seconds or less. In fact, most malware was seen only once. This reflects how quickly hackers are modifying their code to avoid detection.” As each customer makes decisions regarding what files they trust in-house, each deployment is unique. This prevents cyber-criminals from testing their attacks before attacking their targets.

Meet Security Compliance

Application Whitelisting is recognised by Government agencies around the world as a leading security strategy to prevent targeted cyber intrusions. It also assists compliance with PCI-DSS2 and HIPAA.
Airlock exceeds compliance requirements, even when placed against the strictest standards; the Australian Signals Directorate Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents4 and the NIST Guide to Application Whitelisting.


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