Data of 1.3 Million People Potentially Exposed Due to COVID-19 App Security Flaw

Data breach concept as a hacker stealing condifential information as a cybersecurity or IT computer hacking idea or phishing on the internet in a 3D illustration style.

Indonesia is currently looking into a potential security flaw in a COVID-19 test-and-trace app that exposed 1.3 million people health status, contact information, Personally Identifiable Infor

New banking paradigm requires better security paradigm

The digital shift is creating security challenges for the FSI. Learn how Synopsys tools and services can help get your security program back on track

How to cyber security: Invisible application security

Invisible application security is the concept of integrating and automating AppSec testing with little interruption to developer workflows.

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Penetration testing is critical to assessing the overall strength of your company’s defense against cyber criminals targeting IoT devices.

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Surge in Singapore-linked ‘botnet drones’, used by cyber criminals to hack into household devices: Report

As more people worked from home last year and more businesses went digital, the authorities detected a sharp rise in botnet drones with Singapore internet protocol (IP) addresses, signalling that hackers are stepping up their attacks on home and office devices that are hooked up to the internet.

Comments: Details of over 700 million LinkedIn accounts up for sale

From a user’s perspective, there is no difference between a data breach where company servers were hacked and someone misusing an API to obtain their data.

Managing tech due diligence from a social distance

Due to the pandemic, numerous Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions were put on hold while the parties waited to see what would happen.

Embedding security into every phase of the software development lifecycle

Creating a secure software development lifecycle can lower risk, but security must be embedded into every step to ensure more secure applications.