10 best practices for building secure software with a DevSecOps culture

After a decade of DevOps, the era of DevSecOps adopting is here. Find out how to make the difficult transition work.

A CISO’s Guide to Sensitive Data Protection

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Supply chain attacks are not new, and recent headlines are an important reminder for organisations to look more closely at supply chain risks.

Why Organisations Can’t Ignore Open Source Security

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It’s not difficult to see why open source software is widely adopted by organisations. Open source solutions promote greater innovation since developers do not need to reinvent core functionality.

Securing the IoT Tsunami

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From a security testing perspective, these mixed-technology deployments have a multitude of potential attack surfaces and technologies that must be protected.

What the 2021 OSSRA Report Tells Us About the State of Open Source in Commercial Software

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The 2021 “Open Source Security and Risk Analysis” (OSSRA) report, produced by the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC), examines the results of more than 1,500 audits of commercial codebases, performed by the Black Duck Audit Services team.

How to Cybersecurity: 5G is Not Magic!

Some wild claims have been made about 5G networking. I’ve heard mention of self-healing factories and smart highway systems. While such things might be possible, there’s nothing magical about 5G