Threat Discovery and Cyber-Intelligence

Receive early warnings of impending attacks with predictive cyber-intelligence.


Threat Visibility and Cyber-Intelligence

Designed to defend your organization by uncovering your attack surfaces, building your digital risk profile, and using personalized cyber-intelligence to predict imminent attacks. Decode cyber threats and receive early warnings before a cyberattack hits you

Powerful Cyber-Intelligence Platform for Full Visibility on External Threat Landscape

Ability to dissect a cyberattack in the making is immensely powerful to help you gain the upper hand when dealing with emerging threats.

Attack Surface Discovery

Equip clients with attack surface discovery to reduce risk of shadow IT and find weaknesses in public-facing systems. Validate vulnerability programs and ensure security controls work the way they should. 

Risk-Based Decision Dashboards for Executives

Presenting cyber trends in your industry, providing risk insights into the technology stack you use, and ensuring the intel is always relevant to your geolocation. 

Risk and Hackability Scores for Quick Analysis

Give executives and leaders swift updates on current status of their cyber posture as well as trend analysis. 

Prioritized Threat Indicators for Operations Team

DeCYFIR allows operations team to see through the clutter and identify vulnerabilities that need immediate attention. 

Risk Dossier Attributes Hackers to Motive, Campaign and Methods

Answers the WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of a cyberattack campaign. 

Guided Approach of Managing Threats for Security Leaders

The best-practice systematic approach facilitates risk mitigation with methodical step-by-step guidance.


Digital Risk Discovery

Keeping your business safe from hackers requires human agility and machine speed. Uncover data breaches and brand exposures with DeTCT.

Manage Digital Risk by Eliminating Blind Spots

Understanding your digital footprint and attack surfaces is key to mapping a clear path towards risk mitigation and preventing a recurrence of breach and attack.

Know your attack surface

Understand the organization’s digital footprint. Identify assets such as domain, sub-domain, IP address range, software versions and other vulnerabilities which are exposed to hackers.

Impersonation and infringement

List all online entities that are masquerading your organization’s digital profile, assets, products, brand.

Data breach monitoring

A holistic look into data breaches that can lead to exfiltration of critical data from organization’s systems.

Vulnerabilities exposed

Listing of flaws in asset design that could create a potential security compromise.

Dark web exposure

Gain visibility into hacker conversations and suspected fraudulent activities. Uncover confidential and sensitive information which is leaked and sold in dark web marketplaces.

Social and public exposure

Identify look-alike domains, handlers and logos which are exposed on surface web and social media platforms.

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