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World-class solutions built with frontline expertise

FireEye knows more about cyber security than anyone
FireEye Singapore
FireEye Singapore

Built to innovate

World-class solutions built with frontline expertise.

Frontline Human Expertise

Our industry-recognized threat researchers, malware analysts, intelligence analysts, and investigators live on the front lines of cyber conflict every day.

Unique Learning System

This frontline knowledge guides the design of our innovative technology solutions to ensure they always address evolving threats and tactics.

Field-Proven Solutions

Some of our most demanding customers are our own field experts, who deploy our solutions in real-world environments against active threats. That’s how we know they’ll protect you in yours.

FireEye Security Products

The FireEye Innovation Cycle

Technology alone is not enough to combat cyber threats. At FireEye, we use a unique innovation cycle that combines technology with expertise to continuously improve solutions at a speed and sophistication unmatched in the industry.

Helix Security Platform

Applies threat intelligence, automation, and case management to FireEye and third-party solutions in a unified security operations platform.

Endpoint Security

Provides comprehensive endpoint defense, protecting users from common threats, detecting advanced attacks, and empowering response.

Detection On Demand

A threat detection service that is delivered as an API for integration into the SOC workflow, SIEM analytics, data repositories, or customer web applications.

Cloudvisory Security Solution

Intelligent multi-cloud security posture management and workload protection.

Email Security

Detects email-based cyber attacks and blocks the most dangerous threats including malicious attachments, phishing sites and impersonation attacks.

Network Security and Forensics

Provides network visibility and protection against the world's most sophisticated and damaging cyber attacks.

Revel Tech is the distributor of FireEye in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Revel Tech. Your Trusted Partner in IT Security.

Serving companies with annual revenues of $50K to $50 million.

Revel Tech has regional presence and our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions provide enabler value to the digital economy. We work closely with businesses on approaching cybersecurity by harmonizing technologies aligned with business strategies. Our business goes beyond supporting the distribution, we are committed to securing our customers.

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