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The FIRST manual classification with A.I. suggestion

Getvisibilty offers a unified solution to solve organisations’ unstructured data. The Getvisibility solution is a paradigm shift in how companies can solve data classification
Getvisibility Singapore

Why Choose Getvisibility

Getvisibility enables organisations to get a single unified view of their data with one platform allowing them to control, govern and benefit from their unstructured data.


Organisations are creating massive amounts of documents and emails every day. They are now being audited more strictly than before, so staffs must practise good data safety.


Locate documents, emails and images across multiple devices and the cloud, then react to new data in real-time.


Classify automatically at scale into your customised categories and identify files with PII and PHI with AI machine learning


Map to your internal confidentiality levels, or push to your DLP platform, or migrate to the cloud and remove the ROT

Getvisibility Focus

With Getvisibility Focus, we bring you a platform that will seamlessly support your data governance strategy. The platform is incredibly versatile with strategic business outcomes. Getvisibility Focus helps to scan, discover and classify your data quickly and accurately, then align it with your regulatory mandates.
Getvisibility Focus
Getvisibility Synergy Pro

Getvisibility Synergy Pro

The Getvisibility Synergy Pro is an endpoint that gives organisations a solution to control and classify all data that is moving through an organisation. It uses advanced AI to optimise manual classification by end-user.

Delivery of Data Visibility and Control.

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