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Microsec Singapore

Protect your devices and infrastructures against malicious and unpredictable cyber attacks

As an innovative IoT security provider, MICROSEC’s solution brings full security features to lightweight implementation of all devices and equipment that are embedded in the infrastructure of enterprise organizations. MICROSEC supports critical infrastructures operations that are becoming more and more attractive to outside cyber-attacks from cyber-criminal interested in wreaking havoc in cyber environments.

An innovative IoT security provider

MICROSEC envisions itself to impact on the IoT industry by providing solutions with Security-by-Design to include cybersecurity at the heart of devices and infrastructure. With the latest achievements in securing Smart Homes with HEMS (Home Energy Monitoring System) with a local Singapore heartland home-builder, MICROSEC has delivered over 3,000 HEMS units in Punggol, Singapore.

A leading cybersecurity IoT solution company

MICROSEC’s product suite addresses critical issues that enterprise organizations face in their IoT security postures, which are mainly lifecycle management, IoT endpoints protection, and intrusion monitoring and detection.



The ACMS is a set of management tools for automating interactions between certificate authorities and IT systems, IoT devices, web servers, and related systems following the automated deployment of public key infrastructure. Apart from automated deployment, ACMS also allows automated updates of certificates and key subject to the use of appropriate protocols by the devices.



MicroPKI is MICROSEC’s highly-optimized Public Key Infrastructure Solution that is platform and communication agnostic which brings enterprise-grade end-to-end security and protection to all forms of IoT devices, including resource-deprived IoT endpoints. It uses ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) tailored for extremely lightweight implementations. MICROSEC brings the established and trusted PKI infrastructure to the domain of OT and IoT, and provides tailored features for device security management.



An intrusion detection system for devices & networks using machine learning, enabling tamper/anomaly detection on devices. The combined solution covers the end-to-end spectrum of cybersecurity for IoT. Microsec had traction with various Singapore government agencies for deployment in the utility market, smart lamp-post sensors, smart building monitoring and power stations, and is deploying their technology in compelling use-cases such as security of power grids.

Microsec Singapore

Their achievement

MICROSEC has also successfully deployed their solutions in vital infrastructure all over Singapore, secured smart lamp-posts with VPN-like sensor devices and lightweight communication capabilities – to keep the city safe and improve the lives of citizens for transport and logistics. This large-scale deployment enabled multiple collaboration between different government entities with the infrastructure provider, and at the same time their solution has also successfully enabled end-to-end security between these lamp-posts and IoT infrastructures.

Microsec Singapore

Who they work with

As a technology firm that builds solutions with Security-by-Design, Microsec partners with OEM manufacturers and system integrators in the Asia-Pacific regions to include cybersecurity at the heart of their devices and infrastructure. Many of them lack the technical expertise and know-hows to build and implement specific security features that are embedded in their system. MICROSEC targets sectors in the area of green and smart city infrastructures, mobility, healthcare, energy, and utility. With these upcoming smart deployments, devices and networks will be vulnerable, and they will require a solution that is agnostic to the device, network, and IoT platforms. MICROSEC’s technology is mature for such deployments.

Microsec Singapore

Notable major clients

Revel Tech is the distributor of Microsec in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

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Revel Tech has regional presence and our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions provide enabler value to the digital economy. We work closely with businesses on approaching cybersecurity by harmonizing technologies aligned with business strategies. Our business goes beyond supporting the distribution, we are committed to securing our customers.

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