Receive Guard Singapore
Receive Guard Singapore

Block Email Attacks with Receive Guard

Receive Guard Singapore
Email is the primary tool for business communications worldwide for companies and is the most vulnerable vector for cyber attacks. Email threats in recent times come in the form of weaponized file attachments, malicious links, wire-transfer fraud and credential phishing. Receive GUARD helps companies minimize the risk of such attacks and effectively protects users against advanced and targeted attacks, including spear phishing and ransomware before they enter your network.
Receive Guard Singapore

Block Advanced Malware

Detect and block registered malware

Identifies and blocks any registered malware and provides the name of the malware to the user.


Analyze unknown file attachments in the Virtual Area (VA)

Utilizes up to 3000 VAs to execute and inspect the behavior of file attachments and block any malware including zero-day attacks within seconds.


Detect malicious URLs

Opens all URL links contained in the email and its attachments (e.g. PDF) in VAs to detect any malicious content.


Converts email text body to image

Converts email containing malicious links into an image format to protect users from accidentally clicking on those links.

Block Phishing Emails


Inspection of look-alike domains

Compares incoming email domain name against database and warn users of potential impersonation threat.


Tracks sender’s IP and mail server

Tracks and shows the route of all incoming emails (IP and mail server) all the way to the receiver inbox.


Analyses reliability of mail

Determines credibility of an incoming email based on the results of prior analysis and learning in VA.


Blocks falsified email addresses

Determine if email is falsified by checking the validity of the sender’s address against database and block them if so

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