Quickly detect application and security incidents

Faster troubleshooting with integrated logs, metrics and traces

Consolidate tools across your DevSecOps organizations

Our cloud-native, multi-tenant, secure platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduces your time to investigate security and operational issues.

Monitor & troubleshoot

Find customer-impacting issues faster while also reducing your total cost of ownership.

Search & investigate

Integrate real-time threat intelligence and protect every part of your hybrid environment.

Unified platform

Accelerate your time to market and increase quality with real-time visibility from code to production.

Live out-of-the-box dashboards & alerts

Accelerate your time to market and increase quality with real-time visibility from code to production.

Analytics made for Modern Business

Analytics built to help your teams solve issues faster and focus on creating value for your business.

Collect real-time data from anywhere—hybrid, cloud, on premise

Sumo Logic provides out-of-the-box integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, and well as your hybrid and on-premise environments.

Find and resolve issues quickly and proactively

Sumo Logic’s advanced analytics and machine-learning provides the tools your team needs to uncover and resolve issues quickly using tools like Service Maps, Root Cause Explorer, LogReduce, and LogCompare, to sift through mountains of data to find the key insights.

Get Operational, Security, and Product visibility in minutes

Leverage built-in Apps that deliver instant-on visibility and insights into all of your key technologies and platforms like MongoDB, Palo Alto Networks, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Revel Tech is the regional distributor of Sumo Logic.

Revel Tech. Your Trusted Partner in IT Security.

Serving companies with annual revenues of $50K to $50 million.

Revel Tech has regional presence and our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions provide enabler value to the digital economy. We work closely with businesses on approaching cybersecurity by harmonizing technologies aligned with business strategies. Our business goes beyond supporting the distribution, we are committed to securing our customers.

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