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Empower staff with the tools and access they need to maintain business continuity and productivity.

Formally Emerson Network Power

Vertiv designs, builds and services mission critical technologies that enable vital applications for data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial environments.

Data centers | Communication netwroks | Commercial and industrial applications

The world’s leading companies choose Vertiv

Innovative. Efficient. Dependable.

Whether you’re sharing memories across international telecommunications networks or checking your daughter’s flu shot record at the family doctor office, sometimes technology is too important to fail. Vertiv works everyday to keep technology running smoothly, and invisible to you and your client’s lives.



Vertiv experienced commissioners maximize your return by delivering improved availability, enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and reduced operational costs.



Nearly 70 percent of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation or startup deficiencies. That’s why it’s so important to protect your plant’s investment in new equipment or systems with acceptance testing.



Critical facility infrastructure projects are nothing if not complex. From planning and design through system installation and startup, managing the countless aspects of complex projects demands focus and expertise.

Revel Tech is the distributor of Vertiv in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Revel Tech. Your Trusted Partner in IT Security.

Serving companies with annual revenues of $50K to $50 million.

Revel Tech has regional presence and our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions provide enabler value to the digital economy. We work closely with businesses on approaching cybersecurity by harmonizing technologies aligned with business strategies. Our business goes beyond supporting the distribution, we are committed to securing our customers.

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