Web Application and
API Security

Reblaze is deployed as a reverse proxy in a Virtual Private Cloud, geolocated immediately in front of the protected network. Incoming traffic is routed through Reblaze for scrubbing. Hostile traffic is blocked, while legitimate traffic passes through with near-zero latency (less than 1.5 ms).

Every Reblaze customer receives a dedicated VPC, for that customer’s exclusive use alone. (Other cloud solutions use shared clouds, thus creating multi-tenancy vulnerabilities.)

  • Top-Tier Clouds. Maximum Security.

    Reblaze is fully integrated with the top-tier cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and Google. (Other cloud solutions run on self-owned infrastructure, which cannot match the top-tiers for performance and reliability.)

    With Reblaze, you can process and scrub your traffic exclusively within your clouds—the clouds you already trust for your other business processes. (Other cloud solutions decrypt your data for analysis, processing it—and often storing it—on their servers.)

Effortless Web Security

The platform is fully managed and maintained remotely by Reblaze personnel. Your security is always up-to-date and always effective.

As traffic spikes occur, Reblaze scales resources automatically as needed. Bandwidth is limited only by the capacity of the global cloud.

The Dashboard displays a real-time overview of all incoming traffic, showing what is being passed, what is being blocked, and why these decisions are being made. Full details (headers and payloads) are available for all requests. Even during massive DDoS assaults, you always know what is happening within your site.


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